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American Dream July 12, 2004

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

It was one of those mornings where I’d rather sleep in and continue the dream than wake up to face the reality, no matter whether I was tired, which I clearly wasn’t, or not. It’s a luxury few can afford, and simultaneously an altered consciousness that no monetary denomination can afford you. It wasn’t that I had such a detestable reality to face up to that day (or any day for that matter), in fact many of you could say that I am living the American Dream, but like so many lemmings I see walking in line past me as I sleep on my metaphorical sidewalk, I see even less avail in my waking hours to the dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There’s just something inherently comforting in a world of my creation, even as I reach to unsubstantiated wisps of hope and yearn for the dream to continue forever; always to no avail.
It seems that I would rather stay in a state that seems out of my control but exists only in myself than to take part in a world that really is operating independent of me. I know that when I cease to exist in this realm of consciousness the world will continue to move on, and while I know it sounds self-centered: at least in the dream when I pass on I can just wake up. Perhaps this is how our afterlife mythology has emerged over the world’s cultures and peoples for eons – people seek the comfort of waking up to a higher state of consciousness as they cease to exist in the prior existence. Then again, maybe it was just a good dream that felt like a nightmare…



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