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Minor in Possesion July 13, 2004

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Hanging out at your old elementary school playground on a summer evening is not a good idea. Drinking there is an even worse suggestion. Getting caught doing both of these things is far worse than words can explain, at least from the vocabulary of a good (alcholic) boy…
I saw the police car pull up and I darted. As adrennaline kicked in I was crossing the field and heading for the school’s nature path. There I’d meet my good friend Mr. Thorny Bushes, who I’d politely push aside and promise a visit later. Soon I was sitting in a deep ditch off the side of the road with my friend and a friend’s friend who was there. As alchohol drilled its way through my exasperated heart, we planned to walk our way along the road to our other friend’s neighbohood, which we managed with a breeze. A couple more darts into random suburban backyards later, we figured an hour gave us clear roads back to my car and back to homes.
Unfortunately, police love a good chase and loathe the soreness of letting the so-called guilty away. I was apprehended walking on the side of the road, and handcuffed as soon as I mentioned my name (which naturally matches my car’s plates – “Hurst’s”). Shoved into the back of a police car, where I was sure I’d be off to jail, I was pulled back into the school’s parking lot with that guy I didn’t know (my other friend got away twice).
Here’s the story I gave and it’s consequences:
1.) The beer is mine (so that everyone else would get away with just tresspassing
2.) Yes, I had two beers to drink officer (believeability earned)
3.) No, I don’t know anyone else who was here (all my other friends get off scott free)
4.) whimper, sob (ticket for tresspassing,minor in possesion)
Of course, the beer belonged to my friend who got home somehow, along with 4 other of my friends. The worst part for me is that I shouldn’t have been caught seeing as I was walking towards my car to go home when I first spotted the cruiser.
I’m not very sure there’s anyway to reflect on this quite yet, but I’ll have 1.5 months to think about it before my court date…


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