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Technical Difficulties October 16, 2004

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Mash-up blog of months passed – “Just like every cop is a criminal, and every sinner a saint. To be insulted by these fascists is so degrading…pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name. Just another rock and roll suicide.”

And on a lighter (pun not intended) here is a first installment of proseful poetics:
Darkroom Developer

Turn and pinch
Pull gently and the film glides
Onto the roll of
And put into a canister in the dark.
For the film mustn’t
See the light it was
Exposed to first to make
The negative from picture take;
As it was captured,
And if I have mastered,
An experiment with light ends outside of disaster.

Turn and feel
The film slides onto the reel,
To hold and protect
The imagery chosen to collect,
And hold a passing moment
Gone only moving time,
Caught onto a picture
Turned to permanent fixture;
As long as light
Cannot enter my
Wondrous world clung to a sight.

It opens and light turns to black
You open doors of black into light


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