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Of Politics November 15, 2004

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Politics is the ultimate contact sport. Politics has been and will always be the other big game on Sundays; the rituals only differ in that their drink of choice might be coffee instead of beer, and maybe attending religious services instead of a tailgate. As two teams line up in formations to show strength and strategy as if they were the merely chess pieces in a showing of civility, the proverbial ball is moved in one direction or another and the two teams strike each other without hesitance. Some have argued (myself included) that there ought to be more teams in this elite league, but this wouldn’t make politics a very entertaining sport, so the other teams are otherwise relegated as merely troublemakers for the “true believers”. To these true fans of their team, every Sunday is a clash between good and evil, roused by a moderator/referee’s call on the opposing team and jeering when they make a tough call on “your team”. For fans of the other sport a party might be befitting a big game – for fans of politics a party is their game.

Politics is not the conflict of its enemies but of these two teams that square off. The fans jubilantly brag and boast through their hard fought victories and cower and question their coaches through any devastating loss, blaming players and leaders but never teams. The other team, raising its false mascots and icons, is the embodiment of every wrong their team has dealt with over the (political) seasons. The game itself is the relative conflict of good against evil, your team always righteously playing every game fairly and with secret respect for the skilled opposition. The opponent’s strengths are to be stopped or hindered; their weaknesses are to be exploited for your team’s gain. The talent pool is often shallow in such a growing game with resources spread thin between teams (and perhaps other sports competing for the same athletes), but a franchise player comes along every few years to break the game in their team’s favor. They preach to the choir of the “true believers”, and for those who root for the other team in their team’s home are to be laughed at in victory and resented in defeat.

Poltics is the greatest false religion of all the religions I have come to know. It is the most desperate struggle for righteousness for righteousness’ sake and the best hinderance to historical truth where it is advantageous for ideology’s sake. In this world of competing ideologies there can only be one true ruler, a single sided majority, and they must be omniscient stewards of their sheep. Even their preachers are willfully ignorant of what nuggets of truth still lie in this corrupt religion, serving themselves with the follower’s alms when they believe that the uninitiated and ignorant followers do not know what is good for them. Marx may have called religion the opiate of the masses, but in a republic that believes in can choose their poison of choice, they will always savor the sweet blood letting that the political religion can leach from them. Politics becomes in another way, the true believers’ expression of morality, but can be seen to any objective observer (usually of some other religion) as the morality of expression over oppression.

My team, win or lose – My country, right or wrong.
Go in peace, in peace I leave you – Ignorance is Strength, and War is Peace



1. nilsinedeo - November 22, 2004

Jessey says I need to friend you (yeah, she’s right here) so I’m gonna.

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