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Old school blogs – this week:”Scattered thoughts from the mind of a manic” January 7, 2005

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“Have you ever had the feeling that you’re not sure whether you’ve been dreaming your entire life or have just awoken from the mi(d)st of youth? I have centered quite a bit of my life in this debate, and while i have gone both ways exploring the more direct and metaphorical implications of both, only some insight but no conclusions could be drawn. In what i have learned from life’s experience, if life is but a dream to be awoken from it is most certainly the most painful nightmare at times that I cannot seem to awaken from. If all reality is relative to myself, then it is immediately apparent that how i relate to others (that would be of my mind’s own creation in this theory), is to hold reality out of my own control voluntarily. But in the deep fogginess of these philosophies and through the reflections of life in a concave mirror, I see that it is not the nature of reality that has changed, but rather that my perception of reality has changed. Perhaps i am awakening to a call of greater purpose in this life.
You’ll have to forgive my penchant for self-importance here, for i find very little importance for myself in this world. Furthermore, I hold this, the written word, in higher esteem than myself. For paper, pen, and myself may be but dust to the world, yet ideas transcend time’s boundries…”

See the developing themes here. Yeah, i was going to start this blog in high school, even before i knew what a weblog was. Pretty much a verbatim transcription of the original, clouded high school mind tangled up in philosophy class mixed with boredom in English lit discussions. For the record, i don’t think i ever actually woke up. I hope you enjoy this insight into something mostly written for “myself”, “my”, “me”, “I”, and only once, “you”.
Simulate this foggy entry with this tune, by clicking here and listening to his song “interlude”



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