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NYC into 2005 January 10, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Some collected thoughts, over the week since my return from the city that sleeps more than it lets on:
This city is such a cold place, and not just in temperature. I was walking around times square one night when two guys were just standing around hollering at people; they comment about how dead to their emotions everyone in this town really is. This proves yet again what I feel every time I visit urban centers (despite my aching desire to move to one as soon as possible) – “My image of death is the city at night, City lights paint pictures of the urban blight”.
There’s something too perfect about a fake piece of second hand clothing on sale in boutiques for at least $150. These unimaginative cowards know nothing about the charecter of a piece of clothing bought at your local goodwill. It’s not about fashion or irony, though a savvy shopper understands both, but the charecter of a piece of clothes that has seen time pass. It is broken in and doesn’t make you broke, so post-modernism cannot be sold (or bought) but rather respected.
Just stewing at the memory that i could have easily have been the alpha em. just imagine the cowards way of trying to be the alpha male of groups of beta males. Perhaps i am better off being myself (though curently lonely).

I came on this trip to keep my mom company (my sis was dancing). Then she met an old friend who was there for the same reason. I was dislocated with nothing to do, except pine over wanting to be home for the new year. Maybe next year will be a new experiment without the group cohesion.



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