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Mildly aMusing January 21, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Is it so wrong to have multiple muses? Honestly, it’s not like an artist can just assign muses to themselves. Seriously, it says so in my dictionary. Muse is “one of the nine sister goddesses of the Greeks and Romans presiding over the arts; poetic inspiration; a fit of abstraction”. Now the only thing I can be sure of on this subject is that these definitions perfectly describe my muses.

Having many muses would not a problem for most people, but rather a welcome invitation. For those unfamiliar with this devine inspiration, most people find it in ordinary situations: in the shower, over a cup of coffee, reading the newspaper, suffering through typical boredom, and yes, on the toilet. Oridinary people have ordinary musings charecterized by inspiration that leads them to do anything from writing a rommance novel to inventing the salad spinner. Yes, sweet serendipity can be found in everyone elses muse. The problem is that my muses are actual people.

They used to come in one rotation after another, usually just in time to catch me off guard and vulnerable. Because a muse is a fickle being that can faintly whisper devine inspiration in your direction at any time, they tend not to stick around in one place. This is fine when each can inspire you (and not always when you need it), but they usually are also in love with you despite knowing that you can never love them back (and with one, vice versa). The lack of love is not out of purpose or concealment of my muses (neither is a concious act). Rather, love is kind of like utopia.

Utopia has always been, and will almost certainly always be, but a distant dream always out of reach; but it is perfect. Utopia has been interpretted many different ways, always the created fantasy of someone’s mind. Utopia has no flaws to accept (it is perfect), no conflicts or arguements (in perpetual peace and love), and is never self-interested (or in some cases, completely self-absorbed). Love does not exist like this – it has to accept the reality.

So Muse-Artist love has never stood the test of time either. Muses are what they are because they are left to be perfect – they do give DEVINE inspiration after all. If an artist loves a muse they will always be rejected, giving them the greatest gift of inspiration that will ultimately eat at them until they are rebuilt once more in verse. If a muse loves an artist they will surely cast them aside; this is the only way for the artist to love them back – unrequentedly. This is the accepted Muse-Artist model of relationship, because the alternative of actually dating is a lose-lose situation of failed expectations in each other that lead into rejection that inspires them new anyway.

This is why I have many muses as I wake, but in night I sleep alone.



1. anonymous - February 19, 2005

lucky, i’ve been muse-less and uninspired for quite some time

[notdae – audioscrobbler]

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