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Big Brother Loves You February 19, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Between the blither-jabber of talk radio airwaves and the skewed portraits of Faux News Channel, you might be under the impression that democracy and freedom are on the march. Anyone telling you otherwise is accused of being a tacit part of the liberal, agenda setting media; this is the problem – there is no voice of dissent audible over the airwaves. For Christ’s sake, they just gave Tucker “a majority of Canadians ride in dog sleds” Carlson his own show on FNC-lite: MSNBC! Today’s corporate bias of the American news media has only furthered the problem George Bernard Shaw spoke of in his day, that they often seem “unable to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.”
So let me set the record straight if no one else already has – you don’t live in a democracy, and you are just short of living in a fascist nation. In a republic not every person can vote, hence the necessary constitutional amendments to extend suffrage (that describes the right to vote, not the feeling not what you’re feeling reading this) to non-property owners, African-Americans, Women, and 18 year-olds. Perhaps the most unique and important features of our federated republic is the separation of powers between branches of government: the legislative branch writes the laws (that’s Senators, and the House of Representatives), the judicial branch interprets law including whether or not any law is in conflict with the supreme law of the US constitution (the Supreme Court does that), and the executive branch (the President) is supposed to enforce the law and be his political party’s leader. There, I just took care of any misconceptions of our government amongst my readers by giving them 3 unaccredited hours of political science 101.
It is this separation of powers that has helped us survive endless foreign conflicts, two World Wars, a Civil War and its subsequent reunification, and inspired not just our own revolution but one that has swept the world. President Bush understands how deeply ingrained these principles are embedded is us, so he will remind us of the importance of liberating whatever country we’re at war with this term (take your pick – Iran, Syria, North Korea, or Canada? Just not Saudi Arabia, please.). Never mind the fact that the lack of democracy in these countries, let’s use Iraq as an example, is the direct product of our own active complicity with dictatorships across the span of the last 60 years. Yes sire, the terrorists hate us because of our freedom, not because we have deprived them of it. Indeed.
Wait, what freedom? The freedom to endlessly spend ourselves into poverty and debt, but not the freedom to dissent? Our democracy has a long tradition of majority rule and minority rights, in part because majorities were able to recognize that they too in time would be the minority again. This is related to those first amendment rights you bring up to excuse your misbehavior in class. Fascism on the other hand holds the tenant that the ruling party is the government, is the state, is the country. That’s why your republican friends have been asking you why you hate America whenever you criticize the President; the ruling government party is the state. Never mind the fact that whenever something even they can’t ignore happens (say, 9-11) they blame ex-President Clinton. This in spite of the fact that the Republican party has had control of congress for the last 10 years (Gringrich’s Contract with America) and control of the Supreme Court as made evident in Bush v Gore (you know, that recount thing).
Speaking of fraudulent elections, it’s time you familiarize yourself with the 14 defining characteristics of Fascism, because this is one of them. Honestly, try Googling “14 characteristics of fascism” and I think you’ll see what I mean (I’m not going to spell it out for you). You see, just because I’m telling you what I’ve been thinking about, doesn’t mean you have to accept what either I, or Big Brother Bush has been telling you. Do some of your own research, figure out who’s giving it to you straight and who’s giving you the party line (Democrat or Republican), but FOR CHRIST’S SAKE DON’T JUST BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU! Absolute power in the republican state is impossible as long as the populace is not apathetic and ignorant. Join the reality-based community. Another way is possible, but it takes effort to make it real.



1. nilsinedeo - February 19, 2005

Man, wtf. I knew about Syria, but Canada? I think Bush just has penis envy.

2. skewgee - February 20, 2005

i was being sarcastic about Canada. the others, i’m not really sure about

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