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Proseful Poetics: “Eggy-weggy (heads up)” February 28, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

The County Health Inspector tells me
I can’t make eggs without written liability.
So the guy at the counter orders
Eggs sun-side up, and I can’t make them.
So sue me
It’s all legality
For Serving thee
Egg-whited sunny.
Side-ups turning me sideways,
Oral contracts don’t always
Hold up in the courts;
This is the Health Inspector’s report.

No matter as to what’s inside
the egg ordered, cooked in whites –
or how made and it is provide;
the inspector can’t leave anything to hide.
The Health Department inspects the food
to decide for others what is good,
for them, inside the chickens’
ovulation – giving me probation.

No matter how the chicken reared –
to them its only how it’s prepared.
The danger only in what state imbibed –
the egg can’t be ingested in whites.

To this I wish the customer say,
“Take your lawyers and business bribes away,
from this counter, and give me the power
to do what I please, at least in my lunch hour”.



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