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Snow without the cold would be nice February 28, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Today was simply beautiful in this kind of manic, random, lyrical way that becomes life affirming. I really needed a day like this in the middle of a winter in which the weather varies wildly within a day. I was going to write a few things today (abortion clinic bombers and Nazis, male pro-lifers and reactionary views to women’s lib, county health board to ban smoking in restaurants and bars, and a silly song about killing for love), but I didn’t really have the time and was kind of going with things like the cold, stiff breeze could just blow straight through me.
I was driving back towards my school when that Broadcast song “Colour Me In” came up on the shuffle; snowflakes where fluttering around in the air in any number of skewed directions. True beauty surrounded me in the dead suburbanized landscape of winter from the vantage of a crowded intersection, which sounds like an oxymoron. As the yellow sun peeked through the overcast skies for fleeting moments at a time, it was as if I, the song, and nature had all synchronized for a few minutes of harmonious cohabitation. In that time I had escaped the over-caffeinated walking REM sleep that had plagued me all morning, and sweet chamomile had permeated my existence until the universe was at the service of my whim to bring warm colors into the dreary gray environment I was in; reshaped with the power of sweet psychedelic pop melody. It was encompassing every anxiety and doubt I had been harboring, soaking it up with bliss.

I love snow flurries, but it would be great without the cold that accompanies it.

I made it a point to listen today. And even though I try to listen as much as possible, this wasn’t just about the music. I’m not sure how much I learned yet, but I really had faith in humanity for the first time in awhile. And not just in hopes and dreams, but it the frailness and fear that paralyses us so often. It was completely uplifting, and if anyone noticed me pass through today, they just might have seen me smiling.

It was a great exercise. This was possibly the best exercise – writing at times other than when I am upset.



1. lostininerspace - March 1, 2005

I love those days when you regain your faith in humanity. They come so seldom, but they are so important.
I’m glad you are happy
I miss you
p.s. my spring break is fast approching, we need to get together as soon as I get hom 🙂

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