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Don’t let the sun catch you crying March 4, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

It was a gorgeous morning (although an afternoon to most people) in early March, the kind that remind you that the rebirth of nature is just around the corner. So I stepped out onto the veranda with a cup of coffee and a lit cigarette to bask in the radiant bliss of spring’s first true wave. You notice little details in light such as this – the first peek of a budding flower, the bird’s nest on the top of a chimney, and the sweet aphrodisiac of nature becoming reanimated, all of which smell a bit of the compost they laid for future generations of themselves during fall. All is in euphoric unison until the honeybee who is finally polinating anew catches a whiff of smoke from your lit cigarette, causing you to involuntarily run back into shelter and come back into reality; spring passes as just any day can, and the veranda you’re out on belongs to the university’s property since you’re just waiting for class to start. Still, it was a good reminder that seeing the light of day might not be such a bad idea, at least not every once in awhile.



1. eazymeat6969 - March 12, 2005

the return of spring = the best time of the year. not spring per se, but being right on the cusp of it. total euphoria, no matter what.

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