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A short note before i transcribe the following poem… March 16, 2005

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I am going to write as I please to write only on rare occasions: directly and coherantly. This is RARE practice of mine as you may have alrwady noticed, but I’m going to need all the help I need to explain this abstract premise.
People respond to my poetic work in a variety of ways. those who don’t often partake in poetry at their leisure often are confused and upset with my writings, whereas those in the know usually indicate that my writing holds promise. the pinnacle of this criticism, which i should say now is entirely accurate, comes from those who have followed my work for a little while now – it holds promise, but i need to escape the constrictions of its form. They are right – the poems still usually rhyme. the following does not seek to say that this criticism is wrong, but rather explains why i write the way i do.

My process of writing in proseful, poetic form can be best charecterized as a product of our age; I like to call in Spontanious Associative Existentialism. In many ways, our consumeristic society acts in this way all the time – spontaniously spending their hard earned money by unconciously reacting to previously programed associations that they believe can determine who they are with their purchases. this form is the culmination of my experiences (in the cast of existentialism) and is always inspired at it’s start until it strays within (the spontaneous part). At it’s best, my poetry operates the way my brain prefers to process anything; it is through the association of ideas that i form coherant, if constantly changing perceptions of this world. My mind is constantly busy making connections between things (often where they simply don’t exist), so within the length of many of my poems the theme may shift and drift into tangents. And thus, I am so busy trying to write the idea on paper before I loose the entire track of thought, that rhyme scheme is employed as the primary means of holding the poem together in its form. So, “They will continue to rhyme, for some time, until i find, something else to keep up with my mind”.
As a matter of fact, i’ve been straining to write this explanation, and will probably edit it tommorow. Thanks for indulging me in an explanation of my poetic form, dubbed from henceform as “Spontanious Associative Existentialism”

what flavor pocky are you?
[c] sugardew



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