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saving my livejournal – converting to RSS feed March 20, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

anybody know how to do this? i think you do nilesly (i like that name only because it saves me typing space), because you mentioned saving your LJ one time.
i’m getting ready to break out with my blog – as it has always been intended to be the first blog published in book form. i just need to make a back-up in case of server crash. after that i’m going to start encasing my posts as an RSS feed that y’all can read here or on my future page. even if you can’t do that yet, it shouldn’t matter, as i’m working on taking the entries, matching them with music from the time, any pictures i chose or find for them, and making an unliscenced flash interface for hard-copy release. i’m gonna send it around to zines i’m into and a couple locals, to see if i can nail a small paycheck as a web commentator for their sites (not gonna make it with pitchfork quite yet).

not much to really say, except i’m trying to actually do something concrete with my writing, and i might as well fail instead of never trying at all…cananybody help me with this technical detail?



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