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PP – “Have to leave at 2:15” March 28, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

There’s a coffee make who is name Wilbur Curtis –
Sha-la la la la la la la-la ti-da,
Only comes in here Monday Afternoons.
I’ll never have Gin-in-tonic again –
Do you pray to the porcelain god often?
Therein lays the problem of drinking.
Dark moonshine in your coffee cup Mr. Curtis.

I felt clear of mind and body before coffee –
entering me, entering you (woo-oo),
Go right ahead and have another sip.
What form of poison beans is this black magic –
Is it wrong to listen to others in public?
Herein is my conundrum of voyerism.
Devil in the details, in the grounds of stimulation.

Accidents happen
In spite of our caution
In high-durress
We spring into action.

For each and every
action there is an equal
and opposite
reaction, Newton’s 3rd law.

The decisions we make determine us –
a-weeee, a we bum bum-ba way,
I’ll be sitting here while you deliberate.
In other words don’t be yourself –
Do the things you consume end up consuming you?
Foreign conflict of societal expectations.
If you can’t be honest with yourself, you can lie ’bout it.

I’m interested in this girl at a diner –
na na na-na-na na-na na na-na-na na,
Appearantly here boyfriend is an alcoholic.
I’m wondering what she sees in him anyway –
Does she see the same kind of things in me?
Oh no, it’s 2:15 so we both have to leave.
I always seem to mistake that comfort level in a girl with me.



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