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PP – “To my friends and lovers (flux in reference)” April 3, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

To not just you, but to all of my friends –
I wish I could talk to you about the good times
Instead of always talking about the bad, because
I feel that it is the good we share that is worth rehashing.
I’m always cheerishing those times we share in company
Where comraderie is an afterthought balancing my insanity
I’ll try to be a shoulder for sympathy whenever you’re in need
and a pillar of noble honesty whever you don’t see in it.

For thee I humbly submit for your approval
My sincere apology for my transgressions
Not just against you but against my own being
And lead us not into seperation, but deliver reconciliation.
I am an asshole, but your radience is such
That I find light on my insecurities, or at least as much
As when I find that I’ve lost my mind
Your illumination leads me to my salvation.

When you cry for the acts imitating of Judas’ kiss
Rain falls upon my being in my betrayal of bliss
Like Adam and Eve found temptation and found shame,
I in turn should feel grateful that you even know my name.
Referencing all my failures as a friend, a poor one at that,
Will lead us nowhere as we proceed into a tit for tat
Though words cannot explain the pain that seperation causes me,
I can only hope like a dope you’ll appreciate these sollilequies.

I share my heart, take it as you will, worn on my sleave
Warm and woolen,(stretched ’til still) so tell me if I should still leave.



1. lostininerspace - April 3, 2005

I love it, I love you. Do I get to be a friend or a lover? Just Kidding.
I am also lucky to have you know my name and be a shoulder. I hope you see me as the same.

2. nilsinedeo - April 3, 2005

What Jessey said, since she said it already. 😛

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