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Red Herring Lanes April 19, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Two friends riding on a country road;
one at the wheel and one with a phone book.
I am the driver and I am afraid that
my friend will throw the directory out the window.
We look out for authority figures;
one coming towards us and one riding behind us.
And suddenly I too want to free myself of the book
but I’m also afraid of being caught littering.
A clearing appears on a stretch ahead;
We’re no longer being tailed and the impulse grows.
Urgently I scream at my friend to throw the book
and just then a squad car rounds the bend in full siren.

Red herring
I wake up in a sweat
Over dreams
Whose meaning I recognize
Apearant the symbols and
Of neroticies rise to the surface

The drive represents my life;
the country road is an alternative, yet one offered.
My friend is my accomplice on this
journey and an enabler of subversive decisions.
The phone book is the key element;
at once a symbol of knowledge and of burden.
My impulse is to free myself of these
labels and imposed information that I carry and shoulder.
The authority figures are the balance;
enforcers of societal expectations and norms to live by.
I am afraid of liberating myself of this burden because
When I am exposed society’s judgement will capture me forever.

Is a freedom that is
Because from the start of
The departure and destination are
By a road whose route is predetermined.

And so, no matter what I had chose to do during my drive,
I had already accepted the consequences and conventions;
I only linger doubt
on the choice of my route.



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