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3 Rules of Me (3 links) – poltics, politics, politics June 28, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

“The citizen who sees his society’s democratic clothes being worn out and does not cry out is not a patriot but a traitor.” — Mark Twain

Victoria’s Secret? She donates to the Republican Party overwhelmingly
For all you Doubting Thomas’ out there

And in case anyone watched bush’s speech tonight, here’s a reminder about the lying, treasonous, fascist that bush really is – Read the Downing Street Memo already
It’s not as long as you think, and you already knew the war had no justification – this is the proof that he was LYING to the american people about the war’s thinly veiled justifications. READ IT ALREADY!



1. nilsinedeo - June 29, 2005

I am not a doubting thomas, I just don’t care.

If you look here, I work for a republican fast-food monster. I can’t see working there and actually caring about what company donates to who.

I did look at Fredericks of Hollywood anyway though, and they have nicer bras anyway. haha. Even if I’d have to go all the way out to Crestwood to get one.

2. nilsinedeo - June 29, 2005

Two anyways in one sentence. Oops.

3. eazymeat6969 - June 29, 2005

i try to show everyone the downing street memo. “guys….hello…IT’S THE FUCKING SMOKING GUN, fer chrissakes!”

apathy, though! damnable apathy all around!

4. skewgee - July 1, 2005

i have the same problem getting people to actually read 1984. i’m told i’m not alone here.

u and your LIEjournal…

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