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funniest thing in ages (at least to me) July 6, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

real post coming later tommorow (meaning today)
it’s a flash, and probably isn’t work safe, but i must share it

for more shiz like thiz, check out http://www.backseatkiss.com . most of it is great flash, plus great drink recipes and nice photos (of this beautiful redhead i am destined to meet). have a few laughs OL; i know i did at least



1. itship2besquare - August 10, 2005

why hello there !
i would like to cordially invite you to our little lj club:

2. skewgee - August 11, 2005

sorry about the stalker alert (starts singing the greatest love song of all time a la PT, god i get that as an mp3). Longtime viewer, first time caller.

So I’m a member now, but how do i post an introduction?

3. itship2besquare - August 11, 2005

just go to update journal and type in everything you want to say and then at the bottom before you press “update” go to the little thing that says “post to:” and it should have skewgee and thebackseatkiss as options!
i’m glad you joined!

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