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This is what happens when – August 9, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

people (myself usually included), read into things too much. And by too much I mean reading into things where there isn’t anything of the sort to read into.
It also happens when trust is absent, people want to be lied to, or a combination of both (as in this case). Everyone knows that trust can’t be built without honesty, so I’m not sure why someone can’t trust you when you’re being honest with them (and why they also want you to lie to them).

I posted a conversation on my blog as a poem, and previously a post about muses with an accompanying song called “SUSAN ALEXANDER, i love you” by quelent. Guess who has a selective attention and projects their anger onto others (hint – they didn’t post in their LJ about it).

Damn, that was a long comment to transcribe…one I had to post as an entry of my own



1. thinkpink178 - August 9, 2005

ah, yes, over analyzing strikes again…thank god we got the majority of things sorted out last night, so i guess everything’s back to normal. for now.

thanks for your help, dear.

2. nilsinedeo - August 9, 2005


I am so sick of angsty crappity crap. Some ass destroyed the Atheist forum on IAM and is still there being a pain, so we had to move elsewhere.
ASKLHSDLKHSF totally unrelated, but drama is drama is drama, right?

3. skewgee - August 9, 2005

you didn’t give the song a play, did you?

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