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“These Tired Eyes” August 10, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

These eyes are tired
old blue halos
looking for gold
finding only limestone

These eyes are tired
of seeing the same things happen everyday
though laughter yesterday
no tears today

These eyes are tired
of watching the news
information I can’t use
wars that we will lose

These eyes are tired
of looking to meet with others
neither my sisters or brothers
leave new sights to discover

These eyes are tired
straining for the light
reading into late at night
waking up red-eyed

These eyes are tired
trying to look ahead
by the look of their reflection
they look dead in complexion.
—(the rest has been edited out for the sake of making this poem seem better)—

PS – seriously, i never laughed as long, hard, and continuously as i did yesterday. that made me feel alive. appearantly anti-biotics do not.



1. thinkpink178 - August 11, 2005

hey, i hope your fungus is better

2. skewgee - August 12, 2005

hey there – the correct term is fungai, as in hey what a “fun guy” to be around in spite of his non-communicable infection

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