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Come on! Feel the Illinoise! August 18, 2005

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Special listen along entry – listen to the song that inspired this moment and hence the post by CLICKING HERE

Today was kind of strange. I was startled out of sleep by a phone call, only to notice that I was already late to meet my friend for lunch. I would later try to make it up to him (he left 5 minutes before i arrived) by visiting him at work, he wasn’t there either, then he showed up right as i was leaving. I didn’t get to say hi.
4 hours of sleep. A stomach full of coffee and steakburgers.
I sent a note of explanation to a lady friend who’s advances I have been deturing all summer long. It has nothing to do with her (or me for that matter), but rather a subtext provided by our friends this summer (well, the boys aren’t really my friends so to say). Let’s call these interlopers associates of mine.
I was starting to get bummed out, enough so to actually try using myspace for fun to no avail. soon it was 6 o’clock and time to go grocery shopping with mom. i picked up dinner on the way home, and we had a conversation about what we can do to get our boys out of Iraq now. Cindy Sheehan is a hero, but I’ll try to explain why in a different post (say what you will about her being used for political purposes, but I seem to remember a certain current president of the united states trotting around a couple whose son died in Iraq telling us why their son’s death means staying the course, DURING THE RNC IN PRIME TIME IN THE RUN UP TO ELECTION. that is using parents for political purposes). I wanted to go the the candlelight vigil tonight in support for her and to bring the war to an end, but alas my mother needed me tonight while i was still awaiting the draft. anyone else feel a draft in here. it distracted me a lot on the drive to think about the vigils tonight accross the country (they won’t be on the news you know)…

But something happened on the ride there. I put in Sufjan Stevens new concept record “Come on feel the Illinoise” (songs about the state) and drove through rush hour along 44 to the relaxing sounds. As I really took the music in for the first time, I noticed visible smog down the way for the first time (but it was partly cloudly anyway). Somewhere around the middle of the aforementioned title track (#3, split in two parts) I felt bliss (in spite of my surroundings) at 65 miles per hour (somewhere between the 270 interchange and 141’s).
The partly cloudy sky emerged as the song began, but just as the song was hitting it’s middle crest the sky parted to reveal the sun; I knew instantly what was happening, though it is hard to believe now. It was as if God had smiled on me for a fleeting moment. I know I’m gonna get a lot of flak from some of you here, and I’m hardly religious, but for a moment it felt so real. Sufjan filled in the rest of the details, but for once I saw the main point clearly. The message was clear: don’t worry so much because it’s all going to work itself out for once, maybe forever.
I’m not being appocalyptic here, because it was pure hope this afternoon. Sure, I remained realistic in my talks with mom later on about iraq (i still can’t believe i’m a poltical authority to so many other people, and a challenge to those who think they are), but I had this glimmering streak. I mean I’ve been clean of concious lately, my liau on sunday was a smashing success – hell! mom even managed to sell the webster house near original value no more than a week after putting it on the market.

I may be kind of bored now, but for once things look kind of up. And yes, this sound a lot like what happened 6 months ago.



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