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“When the going gets weird, the weird go pro…” August 18, 2005

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From the Ministry of Recolected Memories –

I’ve been meaning to get this down for awhile now, but I wanted be sure that King George and all the president’s men weren’t about to seize the opium den in east hampton.
Well Bubba, it looks like the swine have finally won. It took them awhile to infiltrate the resistance, but those good ol’boys finally made their vaters proud. They got the malteese falcon while he refeuling for the next bombing run over berlin – the luftwafe blitzkrieged Dr. Thomson with bunker busters. Lured the poor bastard out of the underground since no one was really keeping night watch anymore.
Somewhere in that undisclosed location the swine were having a good laugh over strong drink. Even ol’ Georgie boy was in on the action, adding his tale about close encounters on the 72 trail when politicians actually led their campaigns. Somewhere just outside Vegas, Harry Reid was on conference call with Daschle and that kook Kerry trying to figure out what to make of the odds on Hillary.
Only me and my men, and maybe those Gestapo InfilTRAITORS, know what really happened so this cover story will have to do. The truth is too strange and long to tell. And besides, if the secret police thought that I knew what really happened, I’d be the next entry on the enemies list.

-Dr. Skip Rope



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