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Enter Part Two – The Plan August 22, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I’m on that new diet,
Let’s call it the healthy plan.
Every day I drink more diet tonic
than John Edwards and other lab rats.
Then I smoke cigareets in the
aftermath of a tragedy, not my own.
It is constant, because you have to
watch infotainment networks, L Lo is on.
My blood pressure becomes enough
to make diamonds (break barricades) until the cancer kicks in.
Spreading like a news ticker with
celebrity headlines – it is insurgent.
Information. Information all over me.
High-strung paranoia, and other side effects
were found in a minority of patients.
Same as sugar-pill or placebo.
Additional psychotherapy may be necessary.
Ask you doctor is “health plan” is right for you.
(Walgreens would run a tab on me
if only the gas station weren’t closer)
Exposure to sunlight is dangerous on the plan,
under smog cover skies in carbon monoxide,
which is already in my lungs, naturally,
so I walk in staggeredly until I trip.
-Ashes, ashes, we all fall down
On the merry-go-happy-round.

In other strange news, I’m actually feeling good today on 5 hours rest. I think I forgot what that felt like. I also forgot that it helps me write horrible poetry. The words just came out of me in a rush right before class and a little into it, so I had to share something so immediate. I am becoming extra good at stream of consciousness writing, me thinks. Egad! And without being expository. The ebbs and flow is open, leaving nothing to expose.
In related news, my balcony just turned into a waterfall over a torrentual downpour. More after the break.

Try the previous post this morning for decent writing.



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