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The tale of two photos September 1, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

it’s official – americans are lost without modern facilities, taking off the veil of self-made men. People are lost without working hospitals and police forces, cell phones and working news broadcasts. “Lord of the Flies” is only a jump step away. They are realizing for the first time they were born into the priviledge of being born in america in the 20th century. social darwinism will be shot at again, and maybe this time it will die off.
anyway, hurricane Katrina is a disaster. no one seems to be in charge of anything. A state of emergency was declared a couple weeks back for the tropical storm there, but the national guard is unavailible to help their neighbors when they are serving in the crusades abroad.
the president says it will take years to rebuild, but that’s a cop out for not sending federal aid already. He would have, but seeing as he’s run up a $2.5 trillion dollar defecit (cumulatively) over the last four years of tax cuts, he has less to give then the underemployed american people in the middle of recession. when gas hits $3 a gallon (it already has in some parts) costs will go up at the wal-mart, inflation sweeps, and the depression will kick in. This is why the gov’t is supposed to save money, instead of fighting foreign wars against countries that pose no threat against us – they call it rainy-day funds for a reason…
Anyway, he will claim to come up with the money very soon. It will be large right away, unlike what he did after the Tsunami in Asia. He has to maintain his parties influence in the south, so it will sweep through congress just as he did last year (election year) for Florida – he took the credit for it electorally.

the president was giving poltical speeches…

, while peoples homes got swept away and were drowning

and his war has left us devoid of funding for clean-up. a war he was telling WWII vets was the same as the one they fought. Mr. President, when you quote the japanese delegate signing the treaty that ended the war as “They did not defeat us on the battlefield. The defeated us with an idea…”, he was not speaking of the spread of democracy. He was talking about the atomic bomb, an idea we dropped on them to kill thousands. This war will not end anytime soon, but history revisionism may be a weapon of mass destruction today…

Bush has egg in his face in the south today.

Make no mistake, a disaster becomes politcal, but as citizens we ought to put politics aside for the people who have lost so much. Donate to the Red Cross already – i will match your donations…



1. privateninja - September 2, 2005

It looks like Georgie boy is smokin a doobie 😛

2. skewgee - September 2, 2005

his favorite band always was the doobie brothers. yacht rock baby, yeah!

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