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you ought to know this by now, but – September 1, 2005

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Overcompensating is essential readin’ . Overcomp author J Ro has been on a roll lately, but then again so has The Englishman. While I’m on a roll with the linkage, all y’all who be on top of Questionable Content ought to know about Diesel Sweeties, the webcomic with a lame name and a chuckle+ that got me reading web comics in the first place. I share because I read them everyday (fridays and saturdays are kind of sated with jokes from them since they aren’t updated those nights).

I am still on the John Kerry e-mail list, and i’m pretty sure i didn’t sign up for anything on his website. i do seem to remember watchin videos. He sent me another one today (about Hurricane Katrina), and this comic showed up too.
Anyway, the comic above is linked to a good place to lend a helping hand to those people effected by Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps you’ve heard of teh RED CROSS? We paid for blood. It hurts down there (meaning Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi) right now. Be a band-aid, not another goddamn live-8 revival. They will remember the next time this god foresaken state floods.

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1. skewgee - September 1, 2005

i have made a initial $50 donation to the relief effort. i will match any donation you make. i dare you to run me broke (please be serious). minimum $5 donation on the site

2. nilsinedeo - September 1, 2005

My parents donated $100 to the salvation army; they heard that red cross pays their ceo’s or whatever out of donation money. Very well, might I add. :/

I’m not a fan of the salvation army (and broke anyway), because Sam’s Club used to donate one-day-old food stuffs that was still good, and they turned around and sold it for profit. :/

3. skewgee - September 1, 2005

the salvation army is actually a cult (that sometimes help the poor)…sorry.

i know it’s hard for you to give what little you have, but anything helps for people who have lost EVERYTHING. just something to think about

4. nilsinedeo - September 1, 2005

I have less in the bank than what my car insurance bill is for. Believe me, if I had any extra money that wasn’t going to getting me to/from work, I’d donate it.

5. skewgee - September 11, 2005

fuck it! you drive a car. that is a prividge. people who could have gotten out of the way of a hurricane cannot even afford the credit line to have a car and get out.
just do it. it won’t go away just by turning your television off.

6. nilsinedeo - September 11, 2005

So exactly what do you want me to do? Sell my car? Rob a bank? Mister You can not afford to not go to the Franz Ferdinand concert, I do not have extra money to donate and will not until my next paycheck which will be on the 21st. There is nothing I can do to come up with money short of prostitution, so you might as well be content in waiting for my next paycheck like I am.

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