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Keeping tabs September 6, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

“How much I’ll yell at a tailgater can be figured by the use of the formula y = 2x^2 +8, where
y = the amount I’ll yell and
x = the amount Dad has pissed me off, on a scale of 0 to 10.

On a good day, y still equals a minimum of 8.”
A-bomb, on family life

“we are also a city of many contradictions, though: i walk through the botanical gardens, a tiny haven in the middle of a crack-den of a city, and am amazed that this is the same city of toasted ravioli, cardinals fans, obese men with mark mcgwire goatees, and all those random race riots. what the bloody ‘ell? yeah: this city is too good NOT to live in.

many of my eljay chums don’t live in st. louis, so really, i’m just posting this to gloat. -_-”
Ben, on st. louis

“We had a LAN party last weekend… FINALLY! It was about 9 months since the last one! I was going through withdrawls!

It was a fun night…. well, fun weekend. I wish Chris would have been an INTELEGENT instead of a DUMB FUCKIN ADD FUCK TARD!! … GAH!!
Well, anyway, Chris isin’t running the next one. I am. And It will rule.”
privateninja (real name is “private”), on computer games

“going to chicago in the morning yet again. This summer has managed to suck, frighten me, teach me loads of things and still have lots of happy eventful moment. Honestly I think I aged three years in the past three months. Next thing you know I will be graduating college and paying for my own little home in the trailer park”
Jessey, on planning summers ahead of time

– Ronald Reagan, on why i should still vote for him as a dead man

if you don’t see your quotage here, you haven’t posted in awhile. you can comment to make up for it, but a post will take you further. i like to keep tabs.
now go forth and make new friends with some of mine!*

* – exception of Ronald, he is not a friend of anyone



1. eazymeat6969 - September 6, 2005

cowboy ronnie’s MY friend! anybody got a chesterfield? :]

2. nilsinedeo - September 7, 2005

bitchy + math = awesome

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