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One more thing… September 14, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

The President will making another prime time address tommorrow evening. He has finally publicly admitted that he should take responsibility for the failures of his administration in Hurricane relief. For a few glorious minutes we get to hear the president make the arguement that he didn’t think his job would be so complicated, even though he ran for re-election with one foot in the water.
He will also mention 9/11. Again. I know – it’s frustrating.

So let’s tackle something almost no one outside of the scientific community is talking about: Hurricane Katrina and global warming. It is this hurricane’s skeleton in the closet When most people think of global warming they are thinking about surface heating. Sure, I thought it’d be nice to have milder winters someplaces too. But they forget about the heating of the ocean as part of earth’s surface (about 2/3s you must know).
Wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellie wellllllllll…
No, that’s not my name for the next hurricane of a record hurricane season, but we’re awfully close to that. Did you know we’re already up to the O’s in the alphabeticly organized hurricane scheme (that means 4 more have landed in the three weeks since Katrina).

Ok, so what about global warming and hurricanes then? Do I have to spell everything for you?
Hurricanes grow and feed on warm waters. Heating of water changes and intensifies weather patterns, if you remember El Nino for example from way back in 1997 that was a 2 degrees water tenp increase in the pacific. The atlantic has heated up 3 degrees as an average in the last century. Since warm water helps grow hurricanes, we have continuously seen more hurricanes with greater force than ever before this year.
It is convenient to talk about how Katrina shot our gas prices up further by cutting off the major ports for foreign oil in New Orleans. This is because we are energy junkies in need of our fix more than most heroin addicts kicking it without methodone. The administration is capitalising on our ignorance of the environment again. After all, most of us our at least 2 or 3 generations off of the farm (if we ever were there). The oil that would run through those ports would increase greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming, is not being delivered because nature reminded us of its force with a punnishing hurricane that closed a major oil port.
Of course I’m not suggesting that nature has a will (or that God is punishing us for that matter), but I am insinuating the possibility. I don’t know. IF ANYTHING, THIS HURRICANE IS INDICATIVE OF HOW BAD THINGS WILL BECOME IF GLOBAL WARMING CONTINUES TO ESCALATE WITHOUT REGUALTION.

Just think about it for a little bit, ok? Bikes are better



1. anonymous - September 15, 2005

omg. re-edit.
– me

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