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songage September 15, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

(insert lyics to Beck’s “sing it again” here)
i drink too much! i listen to beck too much! I blog too much!



1. sweetdagger - September 15, 2005

I analyze too much. I procrastinate too much. I waste too much time.

2. privateninja - September 15, 2005


3. skewgee - September 16, 2005

only now when i must comment on your comment is that true

4. skewgee - September 16, 2005

i comment too much!
amoung things you have just said that i share

speaking of overanlyze, and i critize myself too much!

5. betsushi - September 17, 2005

listen to beck to much? not possible.

6. skewgee - September 17, 2005

only if your listening to the same record, and even then just a few songs from each record. aw who am i kidding? there is no such thing as too much beck. however, two much of a song is about half an hour of replays

i do believe we have mutual friends in Andrea (nilsindeo) and Keo (PrivateNinja). does that sound right?

7. betsushi - September 17, 2005

we both know keo (private ninja) and jessey (lostininerspace).

8. skewgee - September 18, 2005

oh yeah then. you must be going to rocky then?

9. betsushi - September 18, 2005

well, i moved to seattle a few years ago, but whenever i visit i go!

10. skewgee - September 18, 2005

oh yeah. now i remember. you are now friended just cause you care…

i don’t think we’ve actually met, but then again we might have

11. betsushi - September 18, 2005

cool! you’re friended back!

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