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Saturday Daily Double September 17, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

“I stepped on my own toes”
Tonight is another in a line of holidays
The night of the portable masquerade
Glasses meant to block sun blocks the lamps
Drunken stumbling of the blindsighted tramp
Not that it matters much
Under beer goggles and such
Loud shrieks in celebration
Head pounds under inebriation
Sacred and true
Minor in blue
Give it to me, remember
Cloudy colors or whatever
Cartwheels and copped-feels
Sexualities’ exploration
Promise that I’ll keep it real
And give me exhaltation
Travailing through old jokes told
Time and time again feeling stole

“Bus in Austin”
The brood of a lazy summer in Austin
Naked heat of west indie winds
The left coast shoring in human beings
To the banks of feedom and angus steak
Migrate on a slow walk in a spread town
Guacamole stains taken twisting bus routes
The shield AC, shade 15 degrees cooler
No relief in the water of a pool heater
Up in the atmosphere, up the air is clear
There are holes from cars drove from the burnt city
So on the days where skin is burnt crisp
Buses give free rides



1. anonymous - September 17, 2005

did you write these??!???!

2. skewgee - September 17, 2005

aye. ’twas i

3. itallgoestohell - September 17, 2005

i really like “i stepped on my own toes”.

very good.

4. sweetdagger - September 17, 2005

I really enjoyed the first, but still did like the second.

5. skewgee - September 18, 2005

i’m glad something good came to someone from such miserable times

6. skewgee - September 18, 2005

they are both getting old, and i needed to post something semi-significant while it was still fresh

7. nilsinedeo - September 18, 2005

I hate entries that are all poetry/prose/crappity whatever, but I liked this. Du bist ein Künstler. 😛

8. skewgee - September 18, 2005

you keep forgettin i can read german…

oh, and, what made you react differently this time you think?

9. nilsinedeo - September 18, 2005

No, olvides que ya sé que hablas (o lees, cualquier) Aleman.

My evil plan is that eventually, I will be able to speak Spanglish with my friends. *evil cackle, or something*

I liked I stepped on my own toes because
‘Not that it matters much
Under beer goggles and such’
sounded like (the) Streets lyrics. Well the whole poem did, but those two lines especially. Only.. smarter? Smarter, more serious, I don’t know something good along those lines.

Bus in Austin I liked because it’s more modern than the stuff I had to read in high school English (I don’t read poetry or anything similar unless I have to). It just doesn’t have the same feel as the stuff that was written forty plus years ago that everyone considers ‘classic’.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just because people tend to like things they can relate to. *shrug* It’s still good.

10. nilsinedeo - September 18, 2005


Wow I’m rusty.

11. skewgee - September 19, 2005

interesting. i thought they had universal appeal

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