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Proseful Poetics – “Time, of me” September 19, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

(note: the following is a basic introduction for those new yet to “American Dream”. I was drinking when I wrote it last night, but i think there’s a lot of truth to it. After all, I’m relatively sure I know a little about myself. Hope it answers all those intangibles about where I’m coming from. And yes, it could have just as easily been within a prose sentance structure.)

So I’ve been thinking lately…
Boy I’ve got to stop that.
So who am I, you ask –
This strange figure known by wire.
I think myself an artist,
but what does that mean?
A pompous asshole by any measure.
I don’t know much in experience,
Only that by which I read (probably lies).
But of the things I know,
I am sure if what isn’t working.
I know a few things for sure,
I understand even less.
I know what I like
I know what I repress
I know what repulses me
I know that I regress.
What is me
What I am being
Still unsure what is receding
or what is left for being.
Meantime, I know a few things.
At least I know what I don’t
Want to be.
I am me.
And that is just short of resolve,
But at least I am sure to disolve
Into my innermost being
Instead od receding
Into the nothingness
I don’t like believing
In, sides not chosen
Though I am not beholden
To any which philosophy
I can still see
That what is in front
Of me.
Capital letters to start
The sentance served
And ending, period,
Form that I deserve.



1. sweetdagger - September 20, 2005

We are all going roller-skating tomorrow night in Festus. You are welcome to come. Contact me if you want to meet and head down there or something. If you want to… that is. Anyway, have a splendid evening. G’night.

2. skewgee - September 21, 2005

would if i could, but i can’t. thanks for the offer. i’ll be sure to return my own as soon as i plan to do something.

oh yeah – wanna go see the Sufjan Stevens show with me? you’ll have to memorize the 50 states song

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