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America the Wasted (Pig in the Garden of Eden at Sunset – End of an Era) September 21, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

My patience is wearing thin America. Your once great imperial aspirations are fading fast. You have become naked to the world, just like your prisoners of war in Abu Garib. You haven’t seen the worst from there yet – underage boys and girls raped in front of their parents by soldiers. You are now what Lawrence of Arabia would call a fat people. You are docile, apathetic, and immune to response from violent sights. All at once, without even any real shell shock.
America – where I used to see promise and hope in people who ultimately want to do what is just and right, I now only see gullible, spoiled children who consider ignorance as a virtue among the best and brightest. No need to educate yourselves, just listen to the authorities on the tele explain your world to you. Yeah, that’s how we do it in America. See something you don’t like, something that doesn’t fit your ideological America-centered world? Dismiss it and call it wrong. In the seldom occasion of witnessing the brutal truth of things, you write your editor and demand to be lied to.

You are an unnatural aberration America. Contrary to the laws of human nature. Or maybe human nature at it’s worst. Maybe human is too good a term to relate you to. There is one animal in nature you resemble America – the pig.
The pig drinks from his sloth only when it is fed by his farmer. It eats unquestionably, rolls in the mud, makes no effort to help himself because he has been entrained. The pig revels in their ignorance. Every once in awhile a Charlotte or two pops up, spinning a web dismissed by the swine as a web of lies. After all, the pig has no need to improve itself really, or at least it can’t improve itself in life.
When the unassuming, caged pig has grown fat enough it is still naive. They are only betrayed because they didn’t understand what was really happening (or at least they didn’t want to). They are slain by their master, the farmer.
In reality we all know the pig is rather smart. Capable of having a large memory, hindered in sensory deprivation/overload. But as it is rewarded for doing nothing, making nothing, it becomes docile. Well, they do make something. Sausage is the new hubris. Soldiers are firing fodder.
What happens to the pig when the farmer dies? The pig dies.

I cry considering the inevitable. I cry understanding these things. I have observed you for so long, trying to understand your ways America. It’s like saying goodbye to the friend you never actually had. Good Riddance.

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