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Fear is the mere lack of Love September 21, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I haven’t checked yet, but I’m sure there must be a lot of comments on my last post, and many more in the days to come (if not, the silence will speak volumes).
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So before you starting whispering amoung each other, and pulling straws to see who has to be the Judas and call in the guys with the padded wagon and straight jacket – relax. I am not so paranoid. I just live in a world where things happening encourage fear. Any time I have a panic attack I can just turn on CNN, and there will be something terrible happening somewhere – and my “premonition” that something awful is going to happen any time now can be confirmed. Then I am shown a commercial break. Fear and consumerism go hand in hand.
What happened tonight was a combination of frustration cullminating in a panic attack. Just that. Yes, I really do worry that people are lazy and ignorant, but that’s just usually true. That includes myself for that matter. People like to point out the faults in others that they see in themselves. It is a fine means of deflection. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Anyways, I had a little time to think about it. I’m a subscriber to the theory that fear is the mere lack of love. love is a liberating experience, freeing people from fear in another’s safety.
So what does a spoiled child like myself do when he’s afraid the bogeyman is out to get him? He calls his mommy (and by he, I’m refering to myself). We were going grocery shopping tonight (some of you know what that means), but the streets were swamped with cops. Upon contemplating what I had actually just wrote and published, I was a little paranoid. She would have to meet me up here. And she did. She even agreed that we are pigs. If I haven’t said it before, I should mention that my mother is the coolest mom you will meet. She is awesome, and all my friends agree. She deserves everything she has for everything she went through. I will never be able to pay her back for it. No one said it was easy being a widow and a single parent, but no one choses that.
Before you start waxing Freudian on a confession I will not retract, you ought to know how comforting it was. I was feeling up to my normal self by the time we were done shopping. She even entertained my suggestion of driving with me back to my place. My mom had to drop her plans for the night because her child was growing delusional, but she rolled up her sleeves and kept a level head for a spoiled man-child she calls her favorite son in the world. Well, her only son.

Fear is the mere lack of love. Give it a thought…or just entertain me, will ya? Please?
Put down the phone…



1. sweetdagger - September 22, 2005

…and love has it’s own definition to everyone. Love to me means trust. Maybe not a complete full scale of trust, but there has to be some, if not a valid amount to the other individual. I think it’s a disguised word for love though. Think about the common things people describe when they are asked the aspects of love; honesty, reliability, being faithfull, and caring (etc). All of these words connect to trust.

Now fear could be the mere lack of love when considering fear, you are afriad of what you do not trust. Trust=love. But fear could simply be a lack of education.

2. skewgee - September 22, 2005

great point! I take trust as a presumption in my arguement, but i didn’t write it. You have a keen sense of my writing master (bows).
a better phrase might be “what you can not trust”, but anyways…
i should hope if you made your way through this you read the previous article that this post is a follow-up to.

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