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“music is my radar” September 22, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

29 posts in 22 days. better than a post a day. should slow down. this is number 30.

song #1000 (3.6 days, 5.82 gb) to my laptop library of tunes – a leak of the new Strokes single “Juicebox”. it is goodness. sounds different then other Strokes songs i’ve heard. total iPod so far (not updated with new downloads in quite awhile) – 4421 songs, 13.3 days, 24.25 gb.
my battery wouldn’t last more than a day. i have been pruning my library. i lost a few gigs from the laptop library, and have chipped away with my new iPod. Scary, i know. I love most of it.

my name is (removed by instinct) and I am a Musicoholic.

Tonight I’m seeing Sufjan Stevens. Tommorow its Franz Ferdinand. Saturday night Beck is on TV again.

I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast, but I’m intercontinental and I eat French Toast!
I’m no try to say I’m better than you (musically), but come to think of it I am!
What a city, eh? Learn to laugh.



1. anonymous - September 22, 2005

haha, I was quoting that Beastie Boys line randomly like 2 days ago, crazy.

2. skewgee - September 22, 2005

weird resonance is to blame, i supposed. the earth as a conductor of accoustical resonance.

that line just hit me, ya know. i can’t even remember what song that’s from, but i’m pretty sure it was on Hello Nasty, right?

3. nilsinedeo - September 22, 2005

I have 829 entries in.. *does math*.. 1504 days. Go me.

My name is Andrea Marie, and I am a sleepaholic. Go go gadget nap.

4. anonymous - September 23, 2005


5. nilsinedeo - September 23, 2005

Um, quack? Or do things that I’m completely oblivious to fall out of the sky when I take a nap?

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