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“Poetry” – A Band-Aid for Break-ups September 22, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I think we’re all just broken hearted;
mended with the wrong pieces,
bound with the wrong person.
Sometimes what you want is no good for you;
this I know is true,
taken years off my life.
Well, you are something else (quite a charecter)
so good day maddam
thank you, I s’pose
Wounded but still fighting the war (never ends)
let the healing begin
have a drink my friend.

We will start again
I have taken the time off
My debts have been settled
Now it’s time that I do the same.
Bruises have been shaken
My heart is still soft
Got rid of notions I battled
Take the picture, make the frame

Got a fresh start from my broken heart
lenses smeared in
vasoline fix the scene
And frame the debate of just how to move
onward ho (row)
paddle the waves
In a vessel turned over (by the wakes)
you’ll still
find room to fill
And we’ll carry our containers load
stories will unfold
or so i’m told

So I found a band-aid for break-ups
it’s called celibacy
and now I am free
To open up old wounds for all to see
exposing me
in fresh honesty
You can tie knots in your noose
all you like
for all of your life
But for me to heal I have to deny
love in haste
through licked wounds taste.

disturbingly emo, i know, but i was going with my musings here. Big ups to all the diner muses so far.
Holy shit, I didn’t even make a reference to being “stuck on” anything in a poem involving Band-Aids. oh well.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone had an absoulutely awful day yesterday. Fall of Summer indeed.



1. sweetdagger - September 23, 2005

relationships are easier to get over should you choose to be abstinent. It is easier to just disappear.

2. nilsinedeo - September 23, 2005

What was absolutely awful about Wednesday? I can’t remember what I did, but I know it involved Louisa. *facepalm*

3. anonymous - September 23, 2005

so apparently Blogger doesn’t support the OpenID, but oh well. yeah, wednesday sucked, and this week in general hasn’t been really fun, but thats all stories for rants on my page, not yours. hit me up on AIM sometime if you notice I’m not idle (but still probably behind my away message).

4. skewgee - September 23, 2005

how to disappear completely?
i’m not heeeeeerrrrrreeee…

5. skewgee - September 23, 2005

any day you don’t have the pleasure of hanging around me must be miserable. 😉

6. skewgee - September 23, 2005

that sux. that’s all.

7. nilsinedeo - September 23, 2005

Ahahahahahaha you’re hilarious! With anti-miserability powers like that, you could probably cure the world of depression with just a passing glance. :B

8. anonymous - September 24, 2005

She who is quite the character is simply demented. There is usually an unpleasant circumstance behind all of that which is unique.

9. skewgee - September 24, 2005

are you trying to say i’m not fun? 😦 i guess not anymore now that i’m sooooooo sad. *pouts* That makes me a saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad panda

10. sweetdagger - September 29, 2005

I want bamboo shoots now.

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