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Voice Post: Testing.. September 23, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.


1. anonymous - September 23, 2005

That was the most awkward EBC test EVER! 😛

2. sweetdagger - September 23, 2005

Um, yes…my computer will not let me listen to the so called “voice post”….you will have to type out a printed version. Damned technology! You are a techie….

3. sweetdagger - September 23, 2005

Or I am just too stupid to figure out how to download it…I think my computer just can’t hadle this jive.

4. sweetdagger - September 23, 2005


5. nilsinedeo - September 24, 2005

If you click on the words Voice Post (to the right of the phone icon) it should open a window to see if you want to open or save it.

I transcribed it anyway. Most lame phone post ever.

6. sweetdagger - September 24, 2005

nope. no deal.

Isn’t happening for me.
Life goes on I guess.

7. skewgee - September 24, 2005

ok, that is the last time make a technical test and forget to make it private. jesus christ almighty!

8. skewgee - September 24, 2005

sounds like shit anyway. seems like this would be handy just to jot down an idea before you forget it, and only then when your on the move or something other.
don’t worry, it’s just a test

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