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Life’s little triumphs – Preface/Intro September 25, 2005

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When is the last time you saw your fellow man triumph over adversity? With all of the hard work that goes into just getting by, and all the bad news in the world, it might seem that things could be hopeless. It can become overwhelming, even for yours truly. Yet, there’s hope.
Sure our lives may not be on the right track, but theirs always those little personal victories that come sporadically. You know, the one’s that make you feel like you can get through the rest of it since you managed to pull off the battle? I like to call them “Life’s Little Triumphs”.

So this week, I’m not going to talk about politics, or music, or art, or how lonely I am. But I’m going to need your help to do it.
I am asking for you to send me a story of your little triumph, either by e-mail or by posting it in your journal and asking your friends to do the same. Then I will post one of the stories I’ve been sent on my page each day for the next week.
It needn’t be anything all that big of a story. It could be, “studied so much i forgot a pencil for my test, found one on the ground in the hallway, set the curve for the test!”. Really, just something that you did that made you feel awesome.
My main request is that you put some thought into it, and give it a little length. It doesn’t have to be several paragraphs (like i write), but should at least be more than one paragraph.

Oh, I almost forgot – at the end of the week, should I get an little triumph to post for every day, I will post my own little triumph next sunday evening! Imagine me, being positive! Anyways, looking forward to hearing your stories! 😀



1. sweetdagger - January 1, 2001

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