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The end of innosense September 27, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.
the end of innosence
The end of innosense
Originally uploaded by Skewgee.

(read: the end of in no sense)

oil on canvas – paint + crayon * (hopes^dreams)/reality

Breaking format for just a bit, I wanted to say I had a swell evening. Jess (who posted today’s little triumph) met me at TJ’s for coffee along with her friend Andrea. I should say we had a swimmingly good time, at least on my part. I both of them are really talented at art forms i struggle in.
So somewhere between all of the children’s drawings and the references to grave digging this idea was forming. My subconcious had things it needed to play out, but my concious mind was having too much fun to leave. So I pulled myself out of the parking lot sometime shortly before 1 am (that’s a 6 hour coffee), determined to return the favor.
This came out. Crayon and simple form (my mere capabilities) plus the juxtapostion of death became a world peaceful only in the rays shinning through a cloudless sky. I think it’s a happiness of it’s own, but NOT my triumph this week. I think it demonstrates my idea that happiness isn’t really tangible in a world free of sadness. Both are necessary for true happiness, and thus both elements are present here.

I’m sure a few of you have guesses of my weekly triumph, but – YOU WILL NOT GET TO READ MY TRIUMPH UNLESS SOMEONE ELSE SHARES THEIR’S. I need one yet for wednesday, thursaday, friday, and saturday. Otherwise, I will be very sad that I don’t get to share my triumph.
Remember, it’s all in your mind.



1. homeless_spork - September 27, 2005

fine… It will take a while to type out, but you will probably get one from me in the next few days.

2. skewgee - September 27, 2005

hope it won’t be in vain. should no one have a LITTLE triumph for tommorow, all bets are off

3. sweetdagger - September 27, 2005

all bets, ‘eh?
You liar.

4. skewgee - September 27, 2005

maybe i meant to say “bats”. yeah, that’s it. bats

unleash the monkey’s!

5. lostininerspace - September 27, 2005

Hugs and snugs.
missing you, can’t wait till you visit.

6. skewgee - September 27, 2005

actually, that painting is AWESOMEly happy. just in its own way

7. eazymeat6969 - September 28, 2005

you: that drawing? oh, it’s nothing special; i’m not very talented.

me: hey bitch, you’re talking to an art major with several years of schooling, and if i say it’s fucking brilliant, then it’s goddamned fucking brilliant.

i swear, man. i’m gonna commission you to paint something on my wall.

8. skewgee - September 28, 2005

i can only draw stick figures half the time. unfortunately, i like it. i will not admit that in verbal communication. but i only like the concept.

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