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112 September 28, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Can’t get enough of tomorrow today

so yeah. i stay up late. why do i feel so good lately?

i need to stop drinking, because i knew this post had some point whem i started. i drink like i smoke. i smoke when i feel good and when i feel awful. i just keep doin it. i will quit smoking, but only after i quit drinking. they go hand in hand…

btw, the triumphs are really fucking rad so far. got one for wednesday now. and wednesday will be awesome too. it feels great to read them, and hopefully you feel the same.

i have had multiple triumphs this week alone as a result. minus one near triumph. can’t wait til someone makes thursday’s!

i love you all, honestly.



1. anonymous - September 28, 2005

Allison has one for thursday… she has to write it out though. Then I will post it as a comment on the blog.

2. skewgee - September 28, 2005

wait, which one? link me when it’s posted

3. homeless_spork - September 28, 2005

i will post it as a comment on your blog, so I don’t ruin the suprize for anyone over here on LJ.

4. skewgee - September 28, 2005

keen idea, sir

5. skewgee - September 28, 2005

btw. that’s pretty good work on her part. sounds like she earned it.
does she have some kind of blog i can link to? or a site she made? if not, please give me something like a site she’d like to link with the story…like a contact list 😉

6. homeless_spork - September 28, 2005

I’ll see if she wants it linked up.

7. eazymeat6969 - September 29, 2005

and i shall soon be telling you about my thursday…


8. skewgee - September 29, 2005

*knocks on wood*

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