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Life’s little triumphs: Day 3 – Baby Steps add up September 28, 2005

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From Nilsindeo:
I didn’t gag to death while brushing my teeth the other day, which was awesome.

I have a terrible gag reflex, and toothpaste even touching my tongue makes me retch. I usually don’t throw up, but some days it’s just aslkdasldkhlskdhfslheiohonksndvlkshdihoishef, bleh. Well the other day, I somehow managed to brush my teeth without gagging.

I have so far been unable to redo whatever it was that made with the mouth-happy, but whatever.

Today in Abnormal Psych, I had something to contribute to the class. We were talking about phobias and my teacher brought up those glass-enclosed elevators on the outsides of buildings, and I’m hopelessly afraid of heights.
I’m pretty bad.
-First time on a Ferris Wheel, I cried and screamed to be let off.
-Same effect with going up into and being in the arch, except it was more panic attack-y. I could barely move to get on the egg-thing to go back down.
-I don’t go any higher on ladders than two rungs up, three at the very, very most. I don’t lean over banisters, I won’t go within 15′ of cliff edges, and just the idea of glass-enclosed elevators made me want to vomit.
-If I were any taller, I’d probably resort to crawling everywhere. *shudder*
-For some reason though, I have no problem with leaning on the rails on my deck. Probably because they’re made of rather thick wood, but I still wouldn’t lean over them.
-When I was a little girl, my dad (6′ tall) used to put me ontop of his shoulders and walk around. Most terrifying thing ever. Especially when he’d go down stairs.

I am also afraid of spiders, but not nearly as bad as I am of heights.

My mom commended me today on my having gone to class every day except the day of my accident. I hadn’t noticed. I miss a lot of school because Meniere’s but this semester hasn’t been too bad.

My GPA is so close to a 3.0 I can smell it. In math I’ve probably got an 80% or so, in abnormal psych I’ve got a…n 81%, human growth and development my only grade is either a 90 or a 94% and I have no grade in the psychology of grief (telecourse). Out of those three classes, if I have an 80% in math and a 90% in HG&D, I’d have a 3.33 GPA.

I’ve gotten involved with some charity work! Not really a triumph, but it makes me happy anyway. My abnormal psych teacher helps run a charity that collects money/toys for disabled and homeless children, and I’m going down to the warehouse tomorrow night to move boxes and hang up a sign and maybe wrap presents. It’s called Santa’s Helpers or something to that effect. They’re going to have a tree at the Working Woman’s festival or whatever down in St. Charles this weekend, so go donate monies if you’re going to that.

I’d rather volunteer time at a nursing home where I could actually talk to the people living there because I’m not so great with kids, but this will be fun. I don’t think I’ll even come in contact with any.

Speaking of charities, my family is going to donate money to Habitat for Humanity instead of doing the xmas thing. We all abhor receiving presents anyway, so nobody minds. Haha. I found out Mom is an atheist, so I’m not the only one in the house. That’s always nice.

Thanks are due to Andrea Isbell for taking the first step – admiting your life isn’t a total failure. Amoungst the things that she is good at that you can read about it her journal include sewing projects, Billy Corgan, the interwebnets hottest new things, and of course PIERCING expertise. All that and tons of other goodies are availble on her elJay page.

So this stuff is really coming together gang. I only need two more, so get your shit together cause we’re gonna rock this bitch! If you’ve wrote already and can’t wait for mine, lets spread this positivity like a virus – a good virus! Tell your friends all about it, cause anyone can share one.



1. nilsinedeo - January 1, 2001
2. homeless_spork - September 28, 2005

it doesn’t do any good to link to journals when they are all freind only entries… 😦

3. nilsinedeo - September 28, 2005

I know, but he linked thrice, which makes up for it. 😉

4. skewgee - September 30, 2005

oh, because there are so many incriminating things the man will bring you down for since you wrote them in your blog. you have just confirmed your name by posting that reply. Can I remove it?

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