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Life’s Little Triumphs: Day 4 – Trial by Contact (water) September 29, 2005

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From shibbidyshank:

On Saturday a rather large party took place at my apartment. It was crazy. I didn’t even know half of the people there. Anyway, so early on I went into the bathroom to relieve myself and forgot to lock the door, since it is my house and I am not accustomed to being walked in on in my own apartment. Well, we have one of those commercial toilets, you know, the kind without a tank, just the piping going into the wall, and so it has a rather powerful flush. Right as I pushed the lever to flush the toilet, some drunk asshole comes barreling into the bathroom, throwing the door open, the door hits me, and knocks my phone into the flushing toilet. As I said we have a rather powerful flush and so before I could do anything my phone, which by the way I only got Labor Day weekend, flushed up and into the pipes, never to be seen again. I was pissed off to tears. So now I’m without a phone for a little while, which totally sucks. Did I mention it will cost me $130 to replace?
Naturally because of this phone incident, and various other problems I had been in a fairly bad mood since Saturday. However, yesterday the universe looked kindly on me and shone a little sunshine my way. A couple of weeks or so ago I tried out for Loyola’s mock trial team. We had to submit an essay in which we were given a scenario regarding an objection on hear say grounds and had to write an argument for the defense as to why the statement was hearsay and should be stricken from the record, an argument for the prosecution arguing why the statement was not hear say and should be allowed, and finally we had to take the position of the judge and decide if the statement was to be allowed to be taken into consideration by the jury while deliberating and why we came to that decision. Well I was really nervous and hadn’t received an answer yet and then yesterday, when life seemed crappy, I checked my email and there was my formal invite to join Loyola’s mock trial team! I can’t even express how excited and proud of myself I am. This is such a big deal for me. I feel so satisfied right now, even though I don’t have a phone.

I would like to personal congradualte Alison on her triumph, and god help you if you move for a mistrial on the grounds of simply knowing each other. You may be suprised to learn that Als (as I call her) doesn’t have a LJ. I suspect she may have a Blogger, but I have no way of knowing. Anyways, I’ll link her posthumously if she wants one, because she is AWESOME. Strangely, I still have no way of contacting her…
You kids know what I’m going to say here, right? I need one for tommorow. I am willing to settle for five days, but saturday would be nice too. has your friend also got a triumph without knowing it? ask them for me, and see if they’ll share it. the idea boys and girls is to spread the triumphant mindset like those damn interest inventories and silly quiz thingies.



1. homeless_spork - September 30, 2005

Her name is spelled Allison (with 2 L’s) Her Blogger page is http://quackquackholdmybutt.blogspot.com

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