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Galesberg, IlliNoise September 30, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

I have arrived safely. This town is bigger than Jessey makes it sound like it is. Jessey goes to school at Knox, and so i am here.
I came into her dorm through a window, which made me change perspective from the road’s tunnel vision. I could tell stories, but I’ll save my storytelling for Sunday :P. As a consequence of changing perspective, I have done two things that are illegal tonight (and one of them is drinking). The taste won’t get out of my mouth, but the room smells lovely. Insense and herb of medicinal qualities. Good thing I’m not looking for a job.

I’ve been listening to the interplay of the train outside tooting it’s whistle and the blues of the White Stripes’ “Ball & Biscuit”. It is marvellous. I keep wonering if this laptop wakes them up, or the pets they have here just keep shuffling in the light. Why am I writing when I was having fun? Because I am still awake.

I sure hope campus police doesn’t find me on cigarette breaks. We smoked in here earlier, but I am sure the window is closed. No trouble, just step outside with Liz’s room key. The people here seem awful generous anyway. TTYL



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