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Life’s Little Triumphs: Day 6 – Shifting Perspectives October 1, 2005

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From homeless_spork:

Two summers ago, I was given my first taste of freedom, kind of. I had just graduated high school, and I was working and taking summer class to bridge the gap in mathematics between HS and where I wanted to be for college. This is easily a 40+ hour a week task, and I was always exhausted. On top of this, my car (1987 Honda Accord) was having big problems mechanically. At the beginning of summer I set up a trip for me and a friend to go to Arkansas to get a new manual transmission and all of the necessary parts to swap my car from automatic to manual. That weekend went off without a big hitch, and we brought all the parts back with no problem.
The summer progressed, and it came time for my car to go under the wrench in my driveway. The first night was fruitful, after a few glitches, we got the Auto tranny separated from the engine by 2am, and called it a night because we needed an extra socket that we couldn’t get. The next morning we got the socket and got that sumbitch outta there. 2 weeks past from this point until the project was completed, but at 3am I finally got the new tranny in and the car all together.
Now its start up time, turn the key, nothing. I realized I needed to splice some wires to get the ignition going again, and after a few attempts I found the right ones. I turned the key, and nothing, only a pop. I tightened the battery terminals and checked the starter terminals and gave it another try. This time it clicked and roared.
We did it. to the shock of my family, the car ran again, had less problems than it ever did before. People doubted me, even before the project, but I knew I could do it (I doubted too during the 2 weeks) and I stuck with it and finished it.

Hat’s off and happy trails to Steve, who wanted to add –

There, eat your heart out. Then find me someone else you know that has swapped their whole transmission setup.
But there you have it, the one glimmer of hope on the page I use to vent my frustration with life.

Sounds like he has a livejournal, even on blogger. Please welcome Steve, the newest member of the livejournal community.



1. homeless_spork - January 1, 2001
2. skewgee - October 2, 2005

um, i learned never to do that sort of thing again after MySpace. We all have. Plus I don’t have a school e-mail to sign up.

3. skewgee - October 3, 2005

fuck that

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