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(Sarurday Daily Double) Life’s Little Triumphs: #7 – Arising Expectations October 1, 2005

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From sweetdagger:

I have a triumph. It didn’t even happen until a few moments ago, maybe a triumph in it’s own to save the lack of triumphs for today. Anyhow, normally in the morning I do not have the best time management without the assistance of an alarm-clock. Especially once I go to bed at a fairly unreasonable time. Bed time=2am, time intended to arise=8:30am, exhaustion=forgetting to turn on my alarm. Now normally this would be bad. Just simply hectic. Upon unsealing my sunken and sleepy eyes I immediately took a gander at my alarm clock with a quickened and growing fear of the consequences. My mind was a whirling with excuses as to why I was going to be 3 hours late to work, and I began to feel awful for letting my boss down. Something like this wouldn’t matter if I were going to school, but that is not important to me and on Saturday I am the manager. I have full responsibility for the shop. So if I do not get there in time, the shops stays empty until I scurry on down.
wha whaa whaaat wha whaaa? huh?
It’s only 8:30 am! Absolutely perfect. Enough time to attire myself and drive on down there. Magically, somehow, I woke up on time. Now I know that this week couldn’t have been better. Everything has worked out in one way or the other and now I do not have to let my boss down either. I just cannot believe I did not oversleep…it always happens! wahoo! This should be a swell day.

Woot! Another triumph from Jessica means I have another saturday daily double. It also means you guys have saved the day, and paved the way for my triumph on Sunday!
I am starting writing it down just now. See you tommorow, bright and early.


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