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Home of the Prarie Fire October 2, 2005

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This weekend I have been visiting friends at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. It has been a most pleasant time here, with the sun shining and sweet cool nights. All of my friend’s buddies in school seem genuinely warm hearted, willing to drag us around party hopping when our friends need some alone time with their boyfriends. Mostly though it has been a joy to get to know the people Jessey has come to love up here.
Liz is a doll of a two-year roomate: headstrong, forgiving, and warmhearted. She really seems like she knows what she wants out of life but isn’t afraid to make the most of every day; I can really see why they bonded and chose to room together a second year. She’s also funny if you give her a chance, but she really seems such a sweet girl. James is awfully funny and smart, with a soft spot that loosens his inhibitions to show his affection for everyone. He is quite the playful boy, with a golden heart that shines in his smile. Yeah, I’d fall in love with him if I were a girl too. Justin must have a high tolerance of kindness for putting up with a blabbering weirdo like me; where James would laugh, he would just look confused. Alex was a cool cat as well, even if he didn’t get my che guevera jokes while wearing a shirt with his effigy (under a gourgeous wool sport jacket). There are a lot more people I met that I could list, but I’ve been drinking and smoking quite a bit and those are the one’s who made their biggest mark for one reason or another that I can’t remember.
The town itself would be an adventure without my friends to drag me about. Knox is based in this small town, but I’ve been picking up a lot of history here. The moment I got here, I had the sense of an ghostly presence. Sure enough, I have since discovered that the town is indeed haunted from the assylum, jail, and malicious nursing home in this town. I am telling you, it has one of the prettiest graveyards you’ll ever see. That must have influenced Carl Sandberg, who was raised here in Galesburg. Or maybe it was the big Maytag factory, which closed down in the eighties. No matter the closing, the trains still run through this major intersection of three rail lines. The trains can be heard from any direction in town, and they include the Union Pacific, BCPC (i think), and Amtrack lines. But the town has almost always remained small. Not as small as Jessey suggests it is, because the main street is long and tall, but it is still a township.
When Maytag was in town, it shared roughly half the employees in the city, with the other half working for mostly Know University and small businesses. The locals are still specious of strangers to some degree, but they must be used to that feeling by now. The campus is not full of hippies, nor totally isolated unto itself, but it is a tightly knit community with an international perspective. It is this spirit that founded the college here. Abolitionists founded Knox, which became home to the most famous 5th Lincoln v Douglas deabtes of 1860.
But just outside of the city is farm country. We ran down the bumpy roads until they turned into gravel in the middle of the night. We had spent the better part of the day working on creative projects after lunch, and shortly thereafter became inebriated, so we had to get as far away from city lights to look at the stars. The university owned a large patch of land they call Green Oaks, and we pulled in there sometime shortly before midnight. You could see the blackness of a new moon envelop on the way there, but the sky lightened up after we turned off the headlights and walked along the rocky trail. Of course we did what every group of young people do staring at the stars – talk of our igsignifigance and wonder about what life means or how long until the galxy collapses on itself. Suprisingly, I was the one left to reassure other people that things were going to be alright and not the one asking the metaphysically morbid questions.
As much of a down tone as that sounds, I have been having the most pleasant time since I got here. The first night was bit overwhelming on all parts since I was meeting new people. I am sure that I didn’t sleep that night and morning. But even then I was having fun after I shook off the road weariness. Saturday I rose early to their bunny chewing my hair, took a walk about town, had a picnic, watched a french documentary on school that was fun to mock with them, smoked the pipe, walked around, got pizza, chillaxed, and then I went party hopping. That’s a long day, but a really good one. They let me sleep in on Sunday, so I missed a bit. I woke up confused, made made coffee since they left, visited an adult store when they returned, bought a cheap toy, came back after lunch for creative time (they paint, they study, I make music), took a walk around campus to take it all in, and then the whole star thing tonight following the PSA/Social Enigineering film marathon we had in the fort we built in their room.
Can’t ask for more in a weekend. I can’t think of much more to write at this point, but I know I’m leaving things out. I wish I could. This has been the best week ever for me. Not a bad day indeed.

PS – I kept all my promises I made. See you later this day for my little triumph



1. eazymeat6969 - October 2, 2005


maybe it’s just that time of year…


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