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Life’s Little Tirumphs: Final Day – My Little Triumph October 2, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

This town is an easy one to be a loner in. People here are suspicious of strangers the way people in a small town are hostile towards newcomers. Sure the courtesy of people in this town in this town is enough to suggest directions to any place, even when they don’t know where said place is. But in a public place, it is always considered rude to stare at people. In addition, it can be jarringly awkward to approach a stranger in any establishment, or even to add to their conversation. That’s just downright rude for most people in St. Louis. I am also pretty shy anyway. Consequently, it can be difficult to make new friends (even at a party) unless your are introduced by old friends of yours.
So one night (Wednesday maybe) I was on my way back to my studio apartment from a visit to my mom’s giant domicile, when I got a call from my old buddy Jake. We would talk shop (computers) over a cup of coffee and call it a night, eh? Other friends from my computer gaming clan came into and went out of my favorite dining establishment, TJ’s Diner. Lots of harrasment and laughter were shared, but it was par for the course. A road worn away in its asphalt, even over coffee.
Somewhere near the end of an otherwise typically uneventful routine Wednesday, I got a tap on the shoulder. I turn around and see a short girl with glasses and straight black hair near shoulder length. She hands me a note saying that her friends thought I looked pretty cool and might have fun with them on this site. Inside the note was written the address (which only later I would confirm my suspicion is a sweetly preverted funhouse, useful in helping me lose my appetite.
Shortly thereafter, as my final friends get up to pay, I am approached again. She asks me if I would like to come and join her and her friends at their behest. “why not?” I ask myself. After all, what guy wouldn’t be interested in meeting two cute girls and their male buddy when they seem friendly enough to do that.
We get to know each other over several gallons of coffee apiece and a little game. We would go around the table naming our pet peeves and/or embarrassing moments. This did not seem a good way to make friends – laying out your neuroticisms and putting your most cynical foot forward. But the longer the game went on, the better and more connected we felt about ourselves and each other. The rest of the night happened in the kind a sleep-deprived, over-caffinated way that causes me to be so slap happy (and them as well) as to have a swirling good time that I can never remember.

I made new friends! I made 3 friends who were complete strangers, in a town were even talking to a stranger is a mortal sin. I started to remember that by trying to protect yourself from getting your hands dirty and maybe even a broken heart or two, you also cut yourself short from all the good times people seem to have trouble remembering. I was getting sick of the stale scene, and here comes over a group of good people who remind me that I must be good looking, just to be invited over on shear appearances. But really, the not shutting cutting myself short is the big message here. I am a funny and interesting guy, and even if they didn’t want to hang out again they had already helped me more than many other of my friends.
I was set free from myself and this city! It was one of life’s little triumphs for me.



1. anonymous - October 2, 2005

pretty writing,
http://hellosteffi.web-log.nl but it’s mostly in dutch…

2. sweetdagger - October 2, 2005

It was all the hair.
I am drawn to people with big puffy head fluff.

3. homeless_spork - October 2, 2005

then you don’t want to meet me.

4. sweetdagger - October 2, 2005

I want to meet everyone.

5. homeless_spork - October 2, 2005

I have looked at some old pictures and when all you can see is hair, even I get confused who is who… like here http://www.flickr.com/photos/skewgee/page4/ …the third set down,one is an aweful picture of just me(by the way, changing a name on the caption and titling it with a different name is clever), and I had to be convinced that I wasn’t behind the computer in the other one. Then he had to go cut his hair.

6. skewgee - October 2, 2005

and if i got a sexy new haircut, then what?

(it’ll probably just make me cold in the winter, and other people will be relieved to see my face again)

7. skewgee - October 2, 2005

thank you very much. i will do my best to translate this very-well produced blog

8. skewgee - October 2, 2005

sorry i couldn’t meet up. next time I’ll just take my car up, so they can just stay in town if they want.
Just give me a few weeks, ok?

9. eazymeat6969 - October 3, 2005

nifty little encounter, wasn’t that? perhaps it will indicate a new pattern for you.. perhaps you will pass out notes yourself. and get over neuroticisms, put the ol’ best foot forward, maybe learn some new things. being sociable is never a good thing.. and hey, look, it got ya new friends! there’s a whole bunch of little triumphs in that.

10. sweetdagger - October 4, 2005

The curls are terrific though.

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