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Questions with hidden meanings – Day 1 October 2, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

This week I am want to try those questions with hidden meanings, revealed carefully through prompting the subconcious. If you know how this thing works, play along. Everyone else, just comment on each question with whatever comes to mind first, and I will tell you what that means.

Actual exchange:

Them: “If you were a jacket, how would you want to be bound?”

Me: I guess I’d want to be tied around the hip when it get’s too hot šŸ˜‰

give me your first answer. you will not be insulted for being honest, i promise.



1. homeless_spork - October 3, 2005

held over the head in the rain?

2. anonymous - October 3, 2005

you like getting all wet

3. sweetdagger - October 4, 2005

Matthew, this question is not about sex. I made it up.

4. skewgee - October 4, 2005

yeah so. i am a pervert, and it totally applies

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