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Time of the Season October 5, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Today was officially the start of Fall 2005. Leaves fell from trees in packs like migrating birds seeking sollace in the ground from the oncoming of a blistering winter. It is beautiful. I will make snow angels in the harsh tundra that will engulf the midwest this year. It goes hand in hand with the late summer weather we’ve had lately. The harvest in full abundance of yellow, green, orange, and brown is wiping away the emptiness of a cloudless sky. Change is constant, and inevitable. I look forward to it with every succeeding day.

I have slept a total of 6 hours between waking up on Sunday about 10:00 am to at the present moment. Over the past four days i have had trouble sleeping. Scratch that. I have been kept awake by company for long stints, and probably vice versa on my part. It was worth it.

So why am I tired and frustrated when the sun is out (forcing me to hide indoors), but so electrically charged in the evening?

The way things look right now, i’ll be asleep sometime before 8 o’clock tonight. Then I hope to awake early in the morning, as you debtor’s bitches and future corporate slaves do as a matter of routine. Should help me get some melatonin activation, giving me a little color in my skin before winter arrives. Maybe some freckles to dash about.

Who wants to go on a picnic with me?


1. sweetdagger - October 5, 2005

the imagery…….good.

2. itallgoestohell - October 5, 2005

let’s have a virtual picnic.

i’ll bring plates.

3. skewgee - October 5, 2005

i’ll bring the bread and jam, and a blanket

4. skewgee - October 5, 2005

thanks. i’ve been playing around with it a little

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