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Lately (an update) October 7, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

As of late I have been experiencing new things. Well, no all that new, but with a new twist that is refreshing.
Something I haven’t noticed until now – I’ve been finding it hard not to smile. I mean, as hard as this can be to believe, I am a hopeful person by nature. Sure I may write of cynical things, because that is a primary motivation of mine to write. I still naively believe that my writing can make people aware of a problem then they will fix it. I can just see a better way is always possible, and want to make it real. I have always been that way.
I’m sorry to all my vegan friends, but your lifestyle isn’t awfully appealing. It’s hard enough to oporate outside of the corporate system to a large extent, but sometimes i just want some red meat. Your “cheddar style” chese tastes like cottage chese because it is vegan. This might just be vegence for the little falafel that was shared with me. The earth has better things to offer than alternatives. Call me weak, but I can’t help indulging myself in juicy steak. I can lecture you just as easily about factory farming, but I love family farmed animal products. They are here and geneticly perfect for such purposes after many generations upon generations, otherwise they would have escaped already. I will take the middle path here.

You know, sleeping too much only makes you more tired? Well, it does. I was meant to be sleep deprived. I thrive on it. Just look at this writing.

LJ, i embrace you again. Not as a lover would, nor as a friend. I embrace you as mosquito embraces your blood stream – my every impulse is able to be satisfied in the sustanance of it. I am like a parasite of the internet – taking my host until it dies, and only then moving on. Or is it the other way around. Either way a corspe of wrought is floating around somewhere by now, and that is the way of the world.
Flying away. Into my bed now. SLeep

PS – All you haters who didn’t believe me yesterday, know by now it is fall. It was beyond cool today – it was 50 degrees fahrenheit this evening. Layers (of doubt) become layers (or clothes), as a result.



1. betsushi - October 7, 2005

LJ, i embrace you again. Not as a lover would, nor as a friend. I embrace you as mosquito embraces your blood stream…


2. sweetdagger - October 7, 2005

You just have not let me cook enough for you yet. After a while your clear-mindedness and freshness will get to you. I think it was the most positive decision I’ve ever made and am damn glad I’m here now to experience it. I should really consider being a chef, not in a cocky I-am-an-amazing-cook sense, but more so an I-adore-cooking inspiration. I’m moving out soon, btw. You go and you have a spectacular day.

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