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129 October 8, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

“shut-up!” The sweet touch of the lips excavating repressed instincts into mine extremities unleashing a bouquet of blood racing through my quivering skin. wondering all the while if my ego were to be inflated as my phalus. or is the muddled premontion crossed my mind the product of control over me by another. their every whim the product of unknown fallacies. honesty is lain bare.


1. betsushi - October 8, 2005

ooh, big words!

2. privateninja - October 9, 2005

….. what?!?

3. skewgee - October 9, 2005

They told me to write “i like getting head”

4. skewgee - October 9, 2005

challenging my limits in writing. prose

5. sweetdagger - October 9, 2005

nuh-uh. It was a little more creatively phrased.

6. anonymous - October 11, 2005

I am not deceptive…

7. skewgee - October 11, 2005

didn’t say anyone was. but my mind creates fallacies

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