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Boarding House October 11, 2005

Posted by Matt Hurst in Uncategorized.

Boarding for my new friend Andrea has been a blessing thus far. She is a bright girl who wants to see herself up onto her own, so she is staying here so she can get her jobs in town. That should last about a month.
Which is a pity because so far this hasn’t cramped my living situation. As far as I can tell (so far) this arrangement has only improved my standard of living. She doesn’t get in the way of things at all, and usually offers a helping hand. I can buy groceries for two and have help cooking with them later. When I’m bored at night we can talk about things that really matter. We can even give each other tarot card readings or just give each other advice. It’s more or less a real LiveJournal.
In the meantime I have been waiting for more of my friends to tell me this is a bad idea. Something along the lines of “they’ll take advantage of you and your generosity” or “that’s crazy! they’ll just pawn off your guitar for smack” or even “dude, she’s a carnie”. All of these are valid concerns, that I want to incidentally prove wrong to you as I prove to myself that I can trust someone I’ve really only known for a week now. I couldn’t get so much out of my mother, who I practically begged to tell me it was a bad idea. No such thing occurred, perhaps because the alternative was not telling her about it at all. Antagonism, I am now free of you. I don’t need you to motivate me in an ulterior manner, because the alternative to you works just as well with half the struggle and a quarter the repression. The alternative is easy and fun.
Thank you again Gailesburg, IL. Your toys have given me and Jess additional playtime. Toys are fun to play with your friends.
Again, It’s just been so great to open myself to new friends and experiences. Since I’ve met Andrea and Jess my eyes have been open where they were once in slumber. Literally and metaphorically. Pass it on.



1. homeless_spork - October 11, 2005

I should be intown this weekend… but, you may not notice.

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